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Meetab has been cooperating since the start with E.I.Nu.M. (European Institute of Nutritional Medicine)

E.I.Nu.M., through the professionals in its scientific committee, aims to disclose concepts, data and provide tools related to Precision Medicine.

One the main application is metabolomics, science which studies bio-chemical reactions of the body and is capable of identifying, thank to state-of-arts clinical exams, nutritional deficiencies that stops metabolic pathway.

Thank to thousands of analysis, E.I.Nu.M. reached a very high and precise comprehension of what the body actually needs.

Thank to this cooperation, Meetab supplements were created.

To confirm the efficacy and quality of this approach, a scientific study was pubblished in cooperation with the University of Brescia and E.I.Nu.M. In the study a Meetab product was used, My Antioxidant, and the results were extraordinary, showing the impact of the sinergy of components.


My Antioxidant is good for the brain, novel study shows.

Some people have experienced a “mini stroke” in their lifetime without realizing it. Silent strokes cause great damage to the brain which may lead to various symptoms.

A team of scientists from the University of Brescia, in collaboration with the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine, showed that the supplement My Antioxidant can prevent damage caused from a potential ischemic event.

The researchers used cells from the brain to simulate the conditions of ischemia in the laboratory. They used two groups of cells, in the first group they added My Antioxidant and in the second group they did not. Then, the researchers decreased the levels of oxygen and glucose, as it happens in the brain when someone is having a stroke. It was demonstrated that in the group of cells that where treated with My antioxidant before the ischemic episode, the cells survived by 50% more than in the absence of the supplement.

“The breakthrough of this study is that the molecules found in My antioxidant work together and demonstrate neuroprotective properties even at very low doses” Dr. Tsoukalas, President of E.I.Nu.M. explains.

My antioxidant, a supplement marketed by Meetab, consists of at least 28 different molecules including vitamins, amino acids and minerals and was designed to help the body repair damage and oxidation that happens to the cells daily.

There are several reports showing the protective effect of active molecules in brain cells, but the doses used where very high and it would be difficult to achieve in humans. The problem lies in the fact that only a small amount of the compound that we take orally ends up to the brain.

“The results of this study show that the synergistic effect of the nutrients found in My Antioxidant are more effective than the administration of single compound.” says head of the study Prof. Marina Pizzi, University of Brescia.

A Polyphenol-Enriched Supplement Exerts Potent Epigenetic-Protective Activity in a Cell-Based Model of Brain Ischemia

Lara Faggi 1, Vanessa Porrini 1, Annamaria Lanzillotta 1, Marina Benarese1, Mariana Mota 1,Dimitris Tsoukalas 2, Edoardo Parrella 1, and Marina Pizzi 1
1.Dipartimento di Medicina Molecolare e Traslazionale, Università di Brescia, Viale Europa 11, 25123 Brescia, Italia.
2.Istituto Europeo di Medicina Nutrizionale, E.I.Nu.M., Viale Liegi 44, 00198 Roma, Italia
Nutrients 2019, 11(2), 345; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu11020345

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