My Total Health


My Total Health Supplement with its vitamins, mineral salts, enzyms and aminoacids was created to supplement all 145 fundament nutrients.

My Total Health

Metabolism is composed by 5500 chemical reactions. All is needed are 166 substances to get the entire metabolic process started.

Among them you find:

  • water
  • oxigen
  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • fibers
  • fats

Body's metabolism and
chemical reactions map

Thank to more than 15000 metabolomic analysis (metabolomics is the science studying bio-chemical reactions of the body) it was discovered that the basic nutritional substances are 145.

Regioni metaboliche

My Total Health

is the natural foundation of your psycho physical wellness

Multivitamin supplements with 145 nutritional elements (Vitamins, Mineral salts, Aminoacids, Enzymes and Fruits and Vegetables extracts)

Only the best natural substances

  • It contains Vitamins, Mineral salts, Aminoacids, Enzymes
  • It contains Contiene Fruits and Vegetables extracts
  • It contains the full range of trace minerals
  • Ingredients in their form more suitable for absorption
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Free from artificial coloring
  • Free from harmful chemical substances
  • One bottle lasts two months
My Total Health

The first multivitamin with 145 balanced and natural elements.

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